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Here is an ecommerce problem for you: how does one keep thousands of product pages constantly updated in a way that is both efficient and not just simply cutting corners? This past winter, I was tasked to find that solution. Starbucks Coffee comes in so many different flavors, and even more variations of size. There's an 11oz, there's a 12oz, there's a 16oz. And many more. But, one thing always remains the same: the flavors. So we decided to jumpstart a "Size Agnostic" initiative where we created flavor cues that would live on every product page of that flavor, regardless of size. By doing so, this cut down on the time it takes to build all new assets every time a new size came out...and therefore gave less chance for error. And to benefit the consumer, this made for a quicker read. Scannability is key in ecommerce design, as the average consumer looks at a secondary image for a mere few seconds, if at all.

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