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ogx  +  coconut fine curls

1. generate excitement

2. educate & convert

Utilizing clean, crisp & modern design, we educate and entice the shopper by speaking to the features and benefits of these products. Why they need them and why they need these in particular. Our goal on these e-Retailers is to always create a microsite feel; temporarily transforming the shopper to the brand's look and feel rather than whatever retailer website they are on.

We used shots of the product that included sensorial scent cues, something that OGX prides itself in. Instagram Stories was the choice here, as it sparked excitement for a new product for its Gen Z and younger millenial audiences.


Task: market the launch of J&J Vogue's new hair products for 2021. Using competitive analysis along with aligning on a shopper profile and priorities of communication, we worked with the brand's R&D team to work strategically. What can we do to set this hair brand apart from others? How do we effectively communicate the product benefits that captures attention? The 7-day photoshoot included 4 talent casts with 4 different hair profiles, a hair stylist, makeup artist and a food stylist. In the end, we created over 70 unique shots to be utilized across social media and eCommerce for a shopper journey that is seamless and speaks to our consumers in a friendly, approachable manner.



Account Director: Ariel Knobbe, Amanda Leavelle

Creative Director: David Keating, Lisa Braden

Senior Art Director: Brittany Nguyen

Copywriter: Marija Lazarevic

UX Strategist: Aaron Meyerhoff

Photographer: Tyler Hervery

Production: Jesse Ruffin

Hair: Grace Martin

Makeup: Sameera Ahmed

Project Mangagement: Chelsea Cromar

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