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As the studio artist for the Fruit of the Loom team, I get the opportunity to work on some really brilliant and creative campaigns. This one launch this past spring as a way to advertise FOTL's "no ride-up" boxer briefs. We launched Plastique, a "high end" pair of pants from "designer" Frank De La Renta. Through TV spots, social media and NYC billboards, FOTL wanted to fool everyone in to thinking this was a real brand until it was revealed that the plastique pants were indeed just a joke.



As the digital artist on this particular mechanical, I spent my week working with the retoucher, the asset producer and the executive creative director to run proofs for color and tweak sizing for readability. This was featured in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City.


Along with a fellow digital artist Sabrina Fraley, I put various components together to create a PR kit that helped drive the idea further. This included working with my asset producer and art director Nick Buckingham and copywriter Brett Dixon to compile a Collections Lookbook. We were also given clear boxes as seen above to screenprint the logo on top for an added level of sophistication.


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