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Parachute, the content-driven website powered by MapQuest, produced a mini webseries called Sounds Local. Sounds Local brings its users all around the nation, exploring cities and their best local bands, eats and watering holes. In conjunction with designer Steve Calvert, the look and feel of Sounds Local came to fruition over the summer complete with a launch party in October.


Sounds Local, powered by Parachute, has a stand alone website that I designed back in September 2016. It showcases the first season, with a new band being featured as the headliner periodically. The website itself takes you to the band's bio, as well as a MapQuest-powered map that shows you the locations of all the places visited in each episode.


To celebrate the launch of the web series, MapQuest threw an epic launch party at Ratio Brewery, where we held a raffle, showcased our episodes and had live performances from a couple of our artists. It was a huge success. As the art director on this project, I created and executed the look and feel of the launch party theme - the only creative direction I was given was "give it a lowkey cool vibe" - so I went for it.

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