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synchronicity  +  UI design

I was tasked to work with a UX strategist to build the direct-to-consumer ecommerce page for a hemp brand called Synchronicity. Due to the nature of the product, there is quite a bit to say with a lot of legality to swim through - so how can we utilize a well-designed page to keep the consumer from drowning in words? From being overwhelmed by so many buttons required by the client?

After the design was approved by the client, I went on to meet regularly with the project manager and developer to make sure the page develops according to my design as well as follow the CSS stylesheet. 



Account Director: Amanda Leavelle

Creative Director: David Keating

Senior Art Director: Brittany Nguyen

Senior Copywriter: Scott Corbitt

UX Strategist: Bryce Seyffert

Project Mangagement: Chelsea Cromar

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